Care and Manual Cleaning
Safety Notes
$Warning! Do not clean the hob using high
pressure cleaners or steam jets.
$Warning, risk of burns! Before cleaning, wait
until the appliance has cooled down.
Cleaning the Oven Interior
Clean the oven with a cloth/sponge and a small
amount of hot soapy water. Avoid residues burning
in. After cleaning, leave the door open until the
oven has dried.
Do not scrape off baked-in remainders of food.
Instead, moisten them with a wet cloth and
Fruit juices from moist cakes dripping onto the oven
interior can damage the enamel. Remove such
soiling as soon as the oven has cooled down
Do not use non-suitable cleaning agents:
scouring cleaning agents
nitro polishing agents
cleaners containing chloride
abrasive sponges or objects
Note: Only use oven cleaner on the enamel in the
oven interior. Do not let the oven cleaner come into
contact with the door seal. Do not spray oven
cleaner onto the door frame.
Cleaning the Glass Front
Clean the glass front with a soft cloth and glass
cleaner. Do not wipe the glass front with a soaking
wet cloth as water might enter behind the glass.
Do not use aggressive, scouring cleaning agents or
glass scrapers. They can scratch the surface and
destroy the glass.
Only clean the display with a soft cloth. Do not wipe
the display with a soaking wet cloth as water might
enter behind the screen.
Cleaning the Door Seal
Always keep the door seal clean and free of food
Do not use aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. oven
cleaner) on the door seal. They can destroy the
door seal.
Do not remove the door seal.
Cleaning the Accessories
Clean accessories (baking tray, wire grill and grill
pan) with hot soapy liquid.
Soak baked-in remainders and clean with a brush.
Cleaning the Baking Stone
(special accessory)
Remove coarse soiling from the baking stone. Turn
the baking stone round before using it again. This
will burn off most residues from the bottom side.
Note: Do not clean the baking stone with water and
detergents! Moisture inside the baking stone can
cause cracking.
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