Before using for the first time
Here, you will find out what you have to do before
preparing food with your oven for the first time. Read
the Safety information section beforehand.
Setting the time
When a new appliance is connected, or after a
prolonged power failure, the time ‹‰:‹‹ appears in
the time display.
Proceed as follows to set the time:
1Press the M key four times. The M symbol
flashes in the display.
2Set the time with the @ and A keys.
3Press the ~ key. The time display lights up in the
You can also set the time anytime later. Proceed in the
same way to do this.
Note: when the oven is switched off, the time display
is hidden to ensure compliance with the EU regulation
on electricity consumption in the standby mode.
Refer to the section entitled "Basic settings" to find
out how to permanently display the time anyway.
Heating up the oven
Make sure there are no packaging remainders left in
the interior.
Heat up the empty, closed oven to dispel the 'new'
smell. An hour of hot air at 200°C is ideal.
Then allow the oven to cool down and wipe the
surfaces with a moist cloth.
Cleaning accessories
Before using the accessories for the first time, clean
them thoroughly using hot detergent solution and a
soft cloth.
Note: do not clean the baking stone with water and
detergent. Cracks can appear in the material if a moist
baking stone is heated up. If the baking stone should
ever become moist, it must dry out completely before
the next time it is heated up. This can take several
Operating the appliance
Switching on
1Set the temperature selector to the required
value. The temperature and the mode are
2Set the required mode with the mode selector.
The warming up symbol [ appears in the display until
the set temperature has been reached. It appears
again during post-heating.
Displaying the current temperature:
You can query the current temperature in the cooking
interior at any time. To do this, press the ~ key. The
current temperature is shown briefly in the bottom
part of the display.
Note: during continuous operation of the oven,
system-related temperature fluctuations of up to 5° C
above or below the set temperature are within the
normal range.
Switching off
To switch off the oven, set the temperature selector to
0. The oven lighting goes out and the oven is in stand-
by mode.
Note: The clock display goes out in stand-by mode.
Press any button to display the time again. The "Basic
settings" section provides information on how to
display the time permanently.
Caution!: To prevent the enamel from being damaged,
do not leave food to cool down or be stored in the
appliance. If condensation has formed in the cooking
compartment, heat up the appliance for 5 minutes with
hot air at 50 °C and then open the door so that the
moisture can evaporate.
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