Your accessories
The accessories supplied with your appliance are
suitable for making many dishes. Ensure that you
always insert the accessories into the cooking
compartment the right way round.
Only use the accessories as specified. The
manufacturer accepts no liability if these accessories
are used incorrectly.
Inserting accessories
The gridiron features a latching function. The latching
function prevents tilting of the gridiron when pulling it
out. You must insert the gridiron in the cooking
interior correctly so that tilt protection will work.
When pushing in the gridiron, make sure that the
latching lugs at the side point up.
As standard, your appliance comes with the following
Special accessories
You can order the following special accessories from
your specialist dealer:
2 baking trays
1 grill tray with grille
1 gridiron
1 plug-in core temperature probe
BS 020 002 Pizza paddle, set of 2
DS 070 062 Rotisserie spit
GP 032 062 Grill tray, enamelled
39 mm deep
GR 030 062 Gridiron, chrome-plated.
Angled, without opening
GR 035 062 Gridiron, chrome-plated
With opening and feet
KB 032 062 Baking tray, enamelled
18 mm deep
KB 036 062 Baking tray, enamelled
20 mm deep
PS 070 001 Baking stone
Including heating element,
baking stone support and pizza
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