Self-cleaning (pyrolytic system)
During self-cleaning, the oven heats up to 485° C.
Thus, remainders from roasting, grilling or baking are
burnt up and all you have to do is wipe the ash out of
the interior.
A duration from one to three hours is at your disposal
for this mode of operation. The more extreme and the
older soiling is, the longer the cleaning time should
It suffices for you to clean the interior every two to
three months. If required, cleaning more often is also
mRisk of fire!
Loose food residues, grease and meat juices may
catch fire during pyrolytic cleaning. Remove coarse
dirt from the cooking compartment and from the
accessories before every pyrolytic cleaning cycle.
mRisk of fire!
The appliance will become very hot on the outside
during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle. Never hang
combustible objects, e.g. tea towels, on the door
handle. Do not place anything against the front of the
oven. Keep children at a safe distance.
mRisk of serious damage to health!
The appliance will become very hot during the
pyrolytic cleaning cycle. The non-stick coating on
baking trays and tins is destroyed and noxious gases
are released. Never let non-stick baking trays and tins
go through the pyrolytic cleaning cycle. Only
enamelled accessories may be cleaned at the same
Preparing self-cleaning
Caution!: Fire risk! Loose food remainders, fat and
roast juice can ignite. Wipe out the cooking interior
with a moist cloth.
Remove coarse soiling and food remainders from
the oven.
Clean the door seals manually, the inside of the
door and the glass pane because the pyrolysis
cleaning process does not clean these parts.
Remove all loose interior parts from the cooking
interior. Refer to the section entitled "Cleaning
and care" for details of how to remove the
gridirons. There must be no objects left in the
Close the oven door.
Adjusting self-cleaning
1Set the temperature selector to 485° C.
2Set the mode selector to the Pyrolytic self
cleaning setting.
Timer programming is activated. Suggested time
2:00 h.
3Depending on soiling, adjust the time by means of
the @ and A keys (adjustment range 1:00 - 3:00
4Press the ~ key. Self-cleaning begins.
The current time remaining for self-cleaning can be
queried at any time by pressing the M key and can be
modified with the @ and A keys. Complete input with
the ~ key.
For your safety, the oven door is locked at
temperatures in excess of 300° C. The locking
and unlocking process takes about 30 seconds.
The F flashes during this time. Do not try to
open the oven door during this process.
You can program a switch-off time if you would
like to run self-cleaning at night, for instance
(section entitled "Timer functions - switch-off
time"). The program then starts automatically.
Self-cleaning ended
The Ò symbol flashes after the pyrolysis cleaning
operation has ended. The timer switches off heating
The flashing stops as soon as any button is pressed or
if the temperature selector is set to 0.
Note: When the press the ~ button, the suggested
value 2:00 h appears again. Press the ~ button again
to start the self-cleaning process again.
Once the cooking interior has cooled down, wipe the
remaining ash out of the interior with a moist cloth.
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