Child lock
The child lock prevents children from inadvertently
switching on the appliance.
Activating the child lock
Requirement: temperature selector is not set to 0.
1Keep the ~ key pressed.
2Switch off the oven with the temperature selector.
The child lock is active and the Ð symbol flashes.
The selector switches can now be operated without
triggering a heating cycle.
Deactivating the child lock
1Hold down the ~ key.
2Switch on the oven with the temperature selector.
The Ð symbol in the display goes off.
The child lock has been cancelled. You can once
again switch on the appliance in the usual manner.
Basic settings
You can adapt the following basic settings:
Temperature display: °C/°F
Time display: 12h (am/pm)/24h
Time display on standby: ON/OFF
Note: when the time display is activated, the
electricity consumed by the appliance exceeds the
electricity consumption in the standby mode that is
legally prescribed in the EU.
How to operate the options menu:
1Set the temperature and mode selector to 0.
2Press the ~ and keep it pressed.
3Turn the mode selector to the right.
4Release the ~ key.
5You can now select the various functions by
turning the mode selector:
Position 1: temperature display °C/°F
Position 2: time display 12h/24h
Position 3: time display ON/OFF
6Set the required values with @ and A.
7Press the ~ key to confirm.
To quit the options menu, set the mode selector to 0
or turn the temperature selector to any position.
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