Rotisserie spit (special accessory)
You can use the "rotisserie spit" function with all
operating modes.
Caution!: Do not use the temperature probe in
combination with the rotisserie spit.
Fitting and securing a roast
As far as possible, place the roast in the centre of the
rotisserie spit.
Fasten the roast at both ends with the retaining clips.
You can also tie down the roast with kitchen thread. In
the case of poultry, tie the wing ends under the back
and the legs on the rump. Then, they will not get too
dark. Pierce the skin under the wings so the fat can
drain off.
Choose the oven temperature according to the data in
the table. If the temperature is too high, the meat or
poultry becomes too dark on the outside. It stays
largely raw on the inside.
Inserting the rotisserie spit
1Insert the left and right support brackets in the
holes on the grill pan.
2Place the rotisserie spit on the grill frame and
push it into the cooking interior.
3Insert and hook the right side of the rotisserie
spit into the locking element in the cooking
4Turn the drive on and off with the Ó key. The
Ô symbol appears in the mode display
when the rotisserie spit is activated.
Baking stone (special accessory)
With the baking stone you achieve baking results that
are comparable to those of a solid stone oven.
Using the baking stone
1Plug the heating element into the baking stone
socket on the rear wall of the oven.
2Insert the oven rack with the baking stone in the
oven in the first level from below.
Note: use the included wooden paddle to push in
your items for baking.
3Set the mode selector to the baking stone
function Í, and set the temperature selector to
the required temperature.
Cleaning the baking stone
Use a soft brush to remove soiling and dough
Do not clean the baking stone with water and
Lasting stains can remain on the baking stone
despite cleaning. These do not have a detrimental
effect on the taste of baked items, though.
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