Setting the core temperature
mRisk of burns!
If you only insert the core temperature probe after the
appliance was already in operation, the cooking
interior surface and accessories can be very hot. Use
oven cloths!
1Insert the core temperature probe in the socket
on the top right of the cooking interior and close
the appliance door.
Do not jam the core temperature probe's cable!
Ø appear in the display. The core temperature
appears in the core temperature display. The core
temperature display flashes at a core temperature
below 30° C and above 99° C.
2Set the heating mode and the cooking
temperature with the rotary selectors.
3Press the Ø key.
The Ø symbol flashes. The suggested
temperatur of 60° C or a higher measured core
temperature appears in the core temperature
4Set the required core temperature (30 - 99° C)
with the @ and A keys.
5Press the ~ key to start the cooking mode.
Once the food you are cooking has reached a
core temperature of 30 °C, the current core
temperature appears in the display under the Ø
You can change the set core temperatur at any
Once the set core temperature is reached, a signal
sounds and the Ø symbol flashes. The cooking mode
is ended automatically.
Heating is started again by pressing any key.
6Turn the temperature selector to 0° to end
mRisk of burns!
The core temperature probe and cooking interior are
hot. Allow the cooking interior to cool down before
you pull out the core temperature probe or use oven
Note: if you leave the cooked food in the cooking
interior for some time after the cooking mode has
ended, the core temperature will rise slightly due to
the residual heat in the cooking interior.
Cancelling cooking with a core temperature
Use an oven cloth to pull the core temperature probe
out of the socket. The appliance continues to heat in
the normal cooking mode.
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