Core temperature probe
mRisk of electric shock!
The insulation of an incompatible meat probe may be
damaged. Only use the meat probe which is
recommended for this appliance.
mRisk of burns!
The cooking interior and the core temperature probe
become very hot. Use oven mitts to plug and unplug
the core temperature probe.
The core temperature probe enables exact cooking to
the spot. It measures the temperature between 30 °C
and 99 °C inside the food cooked.
Use the included core temperature probe only. If you
need a replacement, you can purchase one from our
after-sales service (order No. 156 838, also available
online in the eShop).
The core temperature probe can be damaged at
temperatures above 250 °C. Therefore, only ever use
it in your electric oven (max. 230 °C).
Suitable heating modes:
à Hot air
Æ Hot air + bottom heat
Ç Bottom heat
É Bottom heat + Y Top heat
Ê Top heat + bottom heat
Ë Top heat + Y Bottom heat
Ì Top heat
The set cooking interior temperature must be at least
10 °C higher than the set core temperature.
Always remove the core temperature probe from the
cooking interior after use. Never store it in the
cooking interior.
After every use, clean the core temperature probe with
a moist cloth. Do not wash it in a dishwasher!
Caution!: Do not use the temperature probe in
combination with the rotisserie spit.
Inserting the core temperature
probe in the food to be cooked
Insert the core temperature probe in the food to be
cooked before you place it in the cooking interior.
Insert the metal tip at the thickest point in the food to
be cooked. Make sure that the end of the tip is
approximately in the centre. It must not be placed in
the fat and must not touch any cookware or bones.
If there are several pieces, insert the core temperature
probe in the middle of the thickest piece.
Insert the core temperature probe completely, if
In the case of poultry, make sure that the tip of the
core temperature probe is not in the cavity in the
centre, but in the meat between the belly and upper
Place the food to be cooked in the middle of the
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