When a picture taken in continuous shooting
mode is displayed in single-frame view, the  rst
picture in the current burst can be viewed by
pressing the selector down (burst mode play-
Position in burst/
total no. of pictures in burst
First picture in burst
Press the selector right to view pictures
in the order recorded, left to view pic-
tures in reverse order. Keep the selector
pressed to scroll rapidly to the desired frame. To
exit, press DISP/BACK.
2 Tip: Bursts That Cross Folders
If a single burst is spread across multiple folders, the
pictures in each folder will be treated as separate
1 Notes
• The display format (pg. 55) can not be changed dur-
ing burst mode playback.
• Pressing the selector right when the last picture in
the burst is displayed displays the  rst picture in the
burst; similarly, pressing the selector left when the
 rst picture is displayed displays the last picture.
• Deletion (pg. 61), rotation (pg. 98), protect (pg. 96),
and copy (pg. 99) operations applied during burst
mode playback apply only to the current picture. In
contrast, if these operations are performed when a
picture taken in continuous shooting mode is dis-
played in single-frame playback, all images in the
same burst will be a ected.
2 Tip: Viewing Photo Information
To view photo information for a picture taken in con-
tinuous shooting mode, display it in burst mode play-
back and press the info button. Photo information for
pictures taken in continuous shooting mode can not
be viewed during single-frame playback.
Viewing Pictures Taken in a Single Burst
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