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White Balance
For natural colors, press the WB button and rotate the command dial
until a setting that matches the light source is highlighted in the display
(for an explanation of “white balance,” see the Glossary on page 128).
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
AUTO White balance adjusted automatically.
hMeasure a value for white balance (pg. 54).
iFor subjects in direct sunlight.
jFor subjects in the shade.
kUse under “daylight”  uorescent lights.
lUse under “warm white”  uorescent lights.
mUse under “cool white”  uorescent lights.
nUse under incandescent lighting.
If AUTO does not produce the desired results (for
example, when taking close-ups), choose the op-
tion that matches the light source or select h
and measure a value for white balance.
a Notes
At settings other than h, auto white balance is used
with the  ash. Turn the  ash o (pg. 38) to take pic-
tures at other settings.
• Results vary with shooting conditions. Play pictures
back after shooting to check colors in the monitor.
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