c Instant Zoom
In instant zoom, the area surrounding the frame is visible in the display. Use to frame erratically moving
subjects such as children, pets, and athletes at sporting events.
Position the subject in the focus frame.
Use the zoom ring to frame the subject in
the center of the display.
Choose a frame.
Press the selector up (c)
to cycle through framing
options as shown below.
The frame is displayed as
shown at right. The com-
position can be adjusted
using the zoom ring.
Focus and shoot.
The framed area will
be enlarged to create a
full-sized picture.
2 Tip: Intelligent Face Detection
Intelligent Face Detection will not detect faces outside
the selected frame.
3 Cautions
• Pictures taken using instant zoom are lower quality
than pictures taken using normal zoom.
• Only horizontal (landscape-orientation) framing is
available when J, P, or O is selected for continu-
ous shooting mode.
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