The AE/AF LOCK Button
The AE/AF LOCK button can be used to lock exposure or focus.
Locking ExposureLocking Exposure
Meter exposure.
Position the subject in the
focus frame and press the
AE/AF LOCK button to me-
ter exposure.
Keeping the AE/AF LOCK
button pressed, press the
shutter button halfway
to focus. Focus and ex-
posure will remain locked while the shutter
button is pressed halfway, even if you later
release the AE/AF LOCK button.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 as desired to refocus
before taking the picture.
Recompose the picture.
Keeping the shutter button pressed halfway,
recompose the picture.
c Caution
Adjusting zoom ends AE lock. AE lock is not avail-
able with Intelligent Face Detection.
Press the shutter button the rest of
the way down to take the picture.
Locking FocusLocking Focus
If AF LOCK ONLY is selected for v AE/AF-LOCK
BUTTON in the setup menu (pg. 106), press-
ing the AE/AF LOCK button locks focus. If AE/AF
LOCK is selected, both focus and exposure will
be locked.
a Note
If R/A:RELEASE/AE/AF-LOCK is selected for k AE/
AF-LOCK MODE in the setup menu (pg. 106), expo-
sure and/or focus will lock when the AE/AF LOCK but-
ton is pressed and remain locked until the button is
pressed again.
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