Taking Pictures in M (Scene Recognition) Mode
o Silent Mode
In situations in which camera sounds or lights may
be unwelcome, hold the DISP/BACK button down for
a few seconds or select ON for o SILENT MODE in
the setup menu (note that silent mode is not avail-
able during movie or voice memo playback).
The camera speaker,  ash, and AF-assist illuminator/
self-timer lamp turn o and  ash and volume settings
can not be adjusted (note that the  ash will still  re
when C is selected in scene mode). To restore nor-
mal operation, press the DISP/BACK button until the o
icon is no longer displayed.
Press the shutter button halfway
to focus.
a Note
The lens may make a noise when the camera fo-
cuses; this is normal. In M mode, the cam-
era continuously adjusts focus and searches for
faces, increasing the drain on the batteries. o is
displayed in the monitor.
If the camera is able to focus, it will beep twice
and the indicator lamp will glow green.
If the camera is unable to focus, the focus frame
will turn red, s will be displayed, and the
indicator lamp will blink green. Change the
composition or use focus lock (pg. 34).
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