Taking Pictures in M (Scene Recognition) Mode
This section describes how to take pictures in M mode (for other shooting modes, see page 21).
Turn the camera on.
Rotate the ON/OFF
switch to ON.
Select M mode.
Rotate the mode dial
to M.
In this mode, the camera auto-
matically analyzes the composi-
tion and selects a scene accord-
ing to shooting conditions and
the type of subject: Selected scene
b (PORTRAIT): Human portrait subject.
c (LANDSCAPE): Man-made or natural landscape.
d (NIGHT): Poorly-lit landscape.
e (MACRO): Subject close to camera.
f (NIGHT PORTRAIT): Poorly-lit portrait subject.
g (BACKLIT PORTRAIT): Back-lit portrait subject.
a (AUTO) is selected if none of the above are detected.
Check the battery level.
Check the battery level in
the display.
IndicatorIndicator DescriptionDescription
Batteries are partially discharged.
Batteries are low. Charge as soon as
(blinks red)
Batteries are exhausted. Turn camera
o and replace batteries.
1 Note
A battery warning may not be displayed before
the camera turns o , particularly if batteries are
reused after having once been exhausted. Power
consumption varies greatly from mode to mode;
the low battery warning (B) may not be dis-
played or may be displayed only brie y before
the camera turns o in some modes or when
switching from shooting to playback mode.
Basic Photography and Playback
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