Inserting a Memory Card
c Cautions
Do not turn the camera o or remove the memory card while the memory card is being formatted or data are being recorded to or
deleted from the card. Failure to observe this precaution could damage the card.
Format memory cards before  rst use or after using them in a computer or other device. For more information
on formatting memory cards, see page 109.
• Memory cards are small and can be swallowed; keep out of reach of children. If a child swallows a memory card,
seek medical assistance immediately.
miniSD or microSD adapters that are larger or smaller than the standard dimensions of an SD card may not eject
normally; if the card does not eject, take the camera to an authorized service representative. Do not forcibly
remove the card.
Do not a x labels to memory cards. Peeling labels can cause camera malfunction.
Movie recording may be interrupted with some types of SD memory card. Use a card with a class 4 write speed
(4 MB/s) or better when shooting HD movies.
• The data in internal memory may be erased or corrupted when the camera is repaired. Please note that the
repairer will be able to view pictures in internal memory.
Formatting a memory card or internal memory in the camera creates a folder in which pictures are stored. Do
not rename or delete this folder or use a computer or other device to edit, delete, or rename image  les. Always
use the camera to delete pictures from memory cards and internal memory; before editing or renaming  les,
copy them to a computer and edit or rename the copies, not the originals.
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