Menus and Displays
ProblemProblem Possible causePossible cause SolutionSolution PagePage
Menus and displays are not
in English.
English is not selected for the L a
option in the setup menu. Select ENGLISH.105
ProblemProblem Possible causePossible cause SolutionSolution PagePage
No picture is taken
when the shutter
button is pressed.
Memory is full. Insert a new memory card or delete pictures. 11, 61
Memory is not formatted. Format the memory card or internal memory. 109
There is dirt on the memory card contacts. Clean the contacts with a soft, dry cloth.
The memory card is damaged. Insert a new memory card. 11
The batteries are exhausted. Insert fresh or fully-charged spare batteries. 8
The camera has turned o automatically. Turn the camera on. 13
The monitor goes
dark after shooting. The  ash has  red. The monitor may darken while the  ash charg-
es. Wait for the  ash to charge. 38
Focus The camera does
not focus.
The subject is close to the camera. Select macro mode. 37
The subject is far away from the camera. Cancel macro mode.
The subject is not suited to autofocus. Use focus lock. 34
Close-ups Macro mode is not
Macro mode is not available in the current
shooting mode. Choose a di erent shooting mode. 21
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