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Viewing PicturesViewing Pictures
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How do I view my pictures? Single-frame playback 20
How do I delete the current picture? The b button 20
Can I select other pictures for deletion? Deleting pictures 61
Can I zoom in on pictures during playback? Playback zoom 56
How do I view a lot of pictures at once? Multi-frame playback 57
How do I  nd pictures? Image search 58
Can I protect my pictures from accidental deletion? Protect 96
Can I hide the icons in the display when viewing my pictures? The DISP/BACK button 17
Can I view my pictures in a slide show? Slide show 94
Can I add a short voice memo to my pictures? Voice memo 101
Can I crop unwanted elements out of my pictures? Crop (trimming) 97
Can I make small copies of pictures? Resize 98
Can I copy pictures from internal memory to a memory card? Copy 99
How do I view my pictures on TV? Viewing pictures on TV 69
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