Using the Menus: Playback Mode
Playback Menu OptionsPlayback Menu Options
The following options are available:
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
A ERASE Delete all or selected pictures (pg. 61).
I SLIDE SHOW View pictures in a slide show (pg. 94).
B RED EYE REMOVAL Create copies with reduced red eye (pg. 95).
D PROTECT Protect pictures from accidental deletion (pg. 96).
G CROP Create cropped copies of pictures (pg. 97).
O RESIZE Create small copies of pictures (pg. 98).
C IMAGE ROTATE Rotate pictures (pg. 98).
E COPY Copy pictures between internal memory and a memory card (pg. 99).
F VOICE MEMO Add voice memos to pictures (pg. 101).
L MOVIE TRIMMING Create copies of movies from which the opening or closing footage has been removed (pg. 67).
P MOVIE JOIN Splice two movies together to create a longer copy (pg. 68).
K PRINT ORDER (DPOF) Select pictures for printing on DPOF- and PictBridge-compatible devices (pg. 73).
J DISP ASPECT Choose a display mode for viewing photographs on an HDTV (pg. 103; available only when an HD cable
is connected).
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