Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
If ON is selected, the camera automatically de-
tects human faces anywhere in the frame and sets
focus and exposure for shots that emphasize por-
trait subjects. Choose to prevent the camera from
focusing on the background when taking group
portraits in vertical or horizontal orientation.
If a face is detected, it will be
indicated by a green border.
If there is more than one face
in the frame, the camera will
select the face closest to the
center; other faces are indicat-
ed by white borders (some time may be required
if the number of faces is very large). If no face is
detected, the camera will focus on the subject at
the center of the display.
c Caution
In some modes, the camera may set exposure for the
frame as a whole rather than the portrait subject. If
the subject moves just before the shutter is released,
their face may not be in the area indicated by the green
border when the picture is taken.
Intelligent Face Detection
Intelligent Face Detection is
recommended when using the
self-timer for group- or self-por-
traits (pg. 41).
When a picture taken with Intelligent Face Detec-
tion is displayed, the camera can automatically select
faces for red-eye removal (pg. 95), playback zoom
(pg. 56), slide shows (pg. 94), printing (pg. 71), and
cropping (pg. 97).
Green borderGreen border
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