Display and Controls
Temperature selector
You can set a temperature
between 50 and 300 °C or
pyrolysis. You can turn the
knob to the right or left. To
switch on the light in the
oven, turn the temperature
selector one position to
the right.
The light in the oven
remains off if the
temperature is set below
70 °C.
Function selector
Use the left knob to select
the cooking mode you will
use to prepare your meal
or the pyrolysis function.
You can turn the knob to
the right or left.
In the top part of the display
is the status bar or a call up
menu. The lower part shows
the different settings.
Touch keys
The keys on the left and
right beside the display
are touch sensitive. The
function of the keys
depends on the chosen
setting. The icon beside
the key shows the function
of the key.
Symbol Function
gmove right
fmove left
bsave selected values / start
dincrease values
edecrease values
qtimer menu
cbasic settings menu
Irotary spit
acall up additional info
ochild lock activate
pchild lock deactivate
Vextended timer
ltimer stop
mtimer start
kstore memory recipe
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