Remove the packaging from the appliance and
dispose of it according to local regulations.
Be careful to remove all accessories from the
packaging. Keep packaging elements and plastic
bags away from children.
Check the appliance for transport damage after
unpacking it. Do not connect the appliance if it has
been damaged.
The appliance must be connected by an authorised
specialist. No warranty claims can be lodged for
any damage resulting from incorrect connection.
Observe the installation instructions.
Thoroughly clean the appliance before using it for
the first time. This will eliminate any ‘newness’
smells and soiling.
This appliance is labelled in accordance
with the European Directive 2002/96/EG
concerning used electrical and electronic
appliances (waste electrical and electronic
equipment – WEEE). The guideline
determines the framework for the return and
recycling of used appliances as applicable.
Remove fruit acids such as the juice of lemons or
plums etc. after every baking operation. The acid
can cause spots on the oven’s enamel.
Never splash water into a hot oven. This could
damage the enamel.
Do not place the baking tray directly onto the
bottom of the oven. Do not place utensils (for
example a roaster) directly onto the bottom of the
oven. Do not line the bottom of the oven with
aluminium foil. This will cause a build-up of heat
which can damage the enamel.
Do not cover the ventilation openings of the oven.
Do not take off the door seal. A damaged door seal
must be changed immediately.
The socket for the separate heating element for the
roaster and the baking stone (special accessory)
can be found in the middle of the back panel at the
bottom. During normal operation, please leave the
cover in the socket.
Cabinet Fronts near the Oven
After taking the food out of the oven, allow the oven
to cool down with the door closed. Do not leave the
oven door half open, the hot air can cause damage
to adjacent cabinets. The cooling fan will continue
to run for a while and will then switch off
Operating for the First Time Avoiding Damage to the Appliance
and the Cabinet
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