Before Use
The appliance is only guaranteed safe to use if
installed by a specialist in accordance with the
installation instructions. The installer is liable for
any damage resulting from incorrect installation.
The appliance may only be connected by a licensed
specialist. The local electricity supplier’s
regulations and construction regulations apply.
Read the instruction manual carefully before
operating the appliance. Only then will you be able
to operate your appliance safely and correctly. Keep
the instruction and installation manual for future
Do not connect the appliance if it has been
Intended Use
This appliance is intended only for domestic use.
Only use the appliance to prepare meals. Do not
use the appliance to heat up the room in which it is
Never allow children to play with the appliance.
Do not let adults or children operate the appliance
if they are mentally or physically unable to use
the appliance safely and correctly
if they don’t have the knowledge and experience
to use the appliance safely and correctly.
Safety while Baking
Warning, risk of burns! Do not touch hot heating
elements or interior surfaces of oven. Keep children
Warning, risk of fire! Do not store flammable
products in the oven. Only leave the parts needed
inside the oven during use.
Warning, if preparing food with alcoholic beverages
(for example rum, cognac, wine, etc.). Remember
that alcohol evaporates at high temperatures. It is
possible that vapours released by the alcohol can
catch fire.
Warning, risk of fire! Oil and fat can ignite quickly.
Remove cooking oil and fat deposits before the next
Warning! Hot steam can escape during use. Do not
touch the ventilation openings.
Warning! Hot steam can escape when opening the
oven door.
Warning, risk of burns! The inside of the door gets
very hot during operation; observe appropriate
caution when opening the appliance. The open door
can swing back.
Do not trap connecting cables of electrical
appliances in the hot oven door. The cable
insulation can melt. Risk of short-circuiting!
Pyrolysis (Self Cleaning)
Warning, fire risk! Food remains, fat and meat
juices may ignite during pyrolysis. Remove coarse
soiling before every pyrolysis operation.
Damage to the Appliance
If the appliance is damaged, switch off the
corresponding household fuse. Call after-sales
Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs must be
carried out by one of our experienced after-sales
Safety Notes
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