Cleaning Accessories with Pyrolysis
Gaggenau baking trays and grilling trays are coated
with pyrolysis-proof enamel. To arrive at an optimum
cleaning result, you are advised to remove all
accessories from the oven before the pyrolytic
cleaning process. Only this will ensure optimum
heat distribution.
If you would like to remove burnt-in residues
from your baking tray or your grilling tray, it is
imperative that you observe the following
safety notes:
Remove extreme fatty soiling, roast juice and
food remainders before the pyrolytic cleaning
$ Warning, fire risk! Food remains, fat and
meat juices may ignite during pyrolysis.
Only insert one baking tray or one grilling tray
in the lowest shelf in the oven.
Fully insert the baking tray or grilling tray.
Do not clean wire rack, rotary spit, cast roaster,
baking stone, meat probe or other accessories
in the pyrolytic cleaning process.
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