Delaying the Switch-off Time
If you want the pyrolysis to run at a later time (for
example during the night), you can change the
switch-off time. In this way you can use your oven
during the day as usual.
Make the settings as described in 1 and 2.
3Press the dkey to change the switch-off time.
4Press the bkey to confirm.
After confirmation the Fsymbol appears on the
display. The status bar shows the switch-off time of
the pyrolysis. Three dashes instead of the
temperature are shown on the display. After the
start of the pyrolysis the temperature appears on
the display.
A signal is sounded at the switch-off time.
Exception: There is no signal between 22.00 and
The pyrolysis has ended. Switch off the
temperature knob.
Allow the oven to cool down fully. Then wipe out the
oven using a moist cloth.
The duration of the pyrolysis cannot be changed.
If the pyrolysis does not start and the Gor r
symbol flashes on the display:
Check if the door is fully closed and the meat probe
has been removed.
If you want to stop the pyrolysis:
Switch off the temperature knob.
For your safety the oven door remains locked. The
door is automatically unlocked when the oven has
cooled down and the osymbol disappears.
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