$ Warning, risk of burns! Very high temperatures
occur during the pyrolysis! Keep chidren away!
During the pyrolytic self cleaning the oven is heated
to 485 °C. Any food residues from baking, roasting
and grilling are reduced to ash.
The duration of the pyrolysis is 3 hours.
For your safety the oven door remains locked.
During pyrolysis the light in the oven remains
switched off.
Before Starting Pyrolysis
Remove coarse soiling and food remains from
the oven.
$ Warning, fire risk! Food remains, fat and
meat juices may ignite during pyrolysis.
Manually clean the door seal, the inside of the
door and the glass panel. The pyrolysis does
not clean these parts.
Remove all loose interior parts (for example
wire rack or meat probe) from the oven. No
objects should be left in the oven!
Close the oven door.
Setting the Program
1Turn the temperature knob and the function
knob one position to the left.
2The pyrolysis menu appears. The switch off
time appears on the display.
3Press bto start.
The pyrolysis menu disappears. The Fsymbol and
the pyrolysis temperature appear on the display.
The status bar shows the duration of the pyrolysis.
The oven light and the display light stay off during
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