The Following Settings Can Be
10 0726
Time format
12 hour format (AM/PM) or 24 hour format
Hours / minutes
Use the arrow key gbottom right to change from
hours to minutes.
Day / month / year
Use the arrow key gbottom right to change from
day to month to year.
Key tones volume
In 8 levels
Adjust the volume of the key tones.
The signal volume cannot be adjusted.
Display brightness
In 8 levels
Display contrast
In 8 levels
The display contrast depends on the viewing angle.
Standby screen
Gaggenau / Gaggenau with clock / clock and
date / clock / empty display
The selected screen appears briefly.
Extended timer
Extended timer key not available / available
Reset all parameters to the factory setting
No / yes
Immediately confirm a reset with the bkey.
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