Extended Timer
This function keeps the oven at a temperature of
85 °C in the top and bottom heat mode.
You can keep food warm 24 to 74 hours, without
switching the oven on or off.
Please note that food which can easily go off should
not stay in the oven too long.
The entended timer key Vis available. You have to
make the entended timer key available in the basic
settings. See chapter basic settings.
Setting the Program
1Turn the temperature knob one position to the
right to the light position.
2Touch the key beside the symbol V. The
suggested value of 28 h appears on the display.
3Using dor eset the desired duration.
4Start using the bkey.
The cooking mode and temperature appear on the
display. The oven light stays off. The keys are
locked. The display lighting is switched off. The
softkey tone is switched off.
At the end of the programmed time the oven stops
heating. The display is empty. Switch the
temperature knob off.
If you cannot find the Vkey:
You have to make the extended timer key available.
See chapter basic settings – extended timer.
To stop the program:
Switch the temperature knob off.
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