Cooking Time End
You can program a cooking time end. Example: it is
13:30. The meal will take 40 minutes to cook and
must be ready at 15:30.
Set the cooking time duration and set the cooking
time end to 15:30. The electronics will calculate the
start time. The appliance will start automatically at
14:50 and switch off at 15:30.
Please note that food which can easily go off should
not stay in the oven too long.
Always set the desired temperature, heating mode
and cooking time duration first. Only by setting
these values can the cooking time end be
Switching on and off Automatically
1 Set the required cooking time.
2 Using gselect cooking time end O. The switch
off time appers on the display.
3 Using dset a later switch-off time.
4 Start using the bkey. The timer menu is
Temperature and operating mode appear on the
display. The status bar appears. The appliance is
on standby and will start automatically. After the
cooking time duration it will switch off.
After the time has elapsed the appliance switches
off. A signal sounds. Touch the qkey, open the
appliance door or switch off the temperature
selector to switch off the signal.
To cancel the cooking time:
Call up the timer menu. Touch the jkey, then touch
bto confirm. Cooking time duration and end are
To stop the program:
Switch the temperature knob off.
If the Psymbol flashes:
You have not set the cooking time duration. Always
set the cooking time duration first.
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