Cooking Time Duration
If you set a cooking time duration for your meal, the
appliance switches off automatically after the
selected time.
This enables you to leave the kitchen while the meal
is being prepared.
You can select a cooking time between 1 minute
and 23 hours 59 minutes.
Select the temperature and heating mode and place
your meal in the oven.
Switching off Automatically
1 Call up the timer menu.
2 Using for gselect the cooking time duration
function P.
3 Using dor eset the required cooking time.
4Start the program using the bkey.
The timer menu is closed. Temperature and heating
mode are shown on the display. The elapsing time
is shown in the status bar.
After the time has elapsed the appliance switches
off. A signal sounds. Touch the qkey or open the
appliance door to switch off the signal.
To cancel the cooking time:
Call up the timer menu. Touch the jkey, then touch
bto confirm.
To change the cooking time:
Call up the timer menu. Change the time with dor
e, then touch bto confirm.
To stop the program:
Switch the temperature knob off.
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