Use the rotary spit to grill large roasts or poultry.
Grilling with the rotary spit produces a crispy crust
and even browning all-round.
You can use the rotary spit in all heating modes.
You get the best results in the grill or top heat
1Push both spit holders in the fittings on the
grilling tray. The rotary drive is on the left.
2Slide the right retainig clip onto the spit and
tighten the screw.
3Place the food you want to prepare on the
rotary spit. Secure protruding parts (e.g.
wings) to make sure they do not touch the grill
heating element.
4Slide the left retainig clip onto the spit and
tighten the screw.
5Place the spit onto the spit holders. Insert the
square edge into the drive.
6Insert the grilling tray and the rotary spit on the
lowest level of the oven. The drive shaft has to
engage into the opening on the back of the
oven interior.
Switching on the Rotary Spit
1Set the required temperature and mode.
2Touch the Ikey, until the Isymbol appears
next to the temperature display. The rotary spit
is switched on.
Rotary Spit
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