The main operations of your oven are easily set
using the knobs.
Using the right knob you can set the temperature.
To switch on the light in the oven, turn the
temperature knob one position to the right.
The temperature range is 50 - 300 °C.
Fermenting 30 - 50 °C
Defrosting 40 - 60 °C
Keeping warm 50 - 120 °C
Roaster operation 50 - 220 °C
Using the left knob you can set the cooking mode.
The top position is hot air.
Setting the Temperature and
Cooking Mode
1Set the temperature knob to the required
Temperature and cooking mode symbol appear
on the display. The light in the oven goes on.
To select another cooking mode:
2Turn the function knob until the required
cooking mode appears on the screen.
The heating up symbol fappears until the required
temperature is reached. The symbol appears again
when the oven heats during operation.
A signal sounds when the selected temperature is
reached. Press any key to switch off the signal.
Note: You can deactivate the heating up signal in
the basic settings.
The temperature and cooking mode can be changed
at any time.
When the meal is ready switch the oven off using
the temperature knob. The oven light goes off. The
standby screen appears.
Current Oven Temperature Display
The current oven temperature is briefly shown when
you press the a info key. Using the bkey you can
return to the standard screen.
Depending on the heating mode, a slight temperature
variation after heating up during use is normal.
Setting the Oven
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