Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
T T IMAGE QUALITY IMAGE QUALITY ((default: default: N)N)
Choose how much image  les are compressed.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
FINEFINE Low compression. Select for higher image quality.
NORMALNORMAL High compression. Select this option to store more pictures.
P P FINEPIX COLOR FINEPIX COLOR ((default: default: cc))
Enhance contrast and color saturation or take pictures in black and white.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
cc STANDARD STANDARD Standard contrast and saturation. Recommended in most situations.
aa CHROME CHROME Vivid contrast and color. Choose for vivid shots of  owers or enhanced greens
and blues in landscapes.
bb B&W B&W Take pictures in black and white.
ff SEPIA SEPIA Take pictures in sepia.
RSettings other than c STANDARD are shown by an icon in the LCD monitor.
RDepending on the subject, the e ects of a CHROME may not be visible in the LCD monitor.
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