Viewing Pictures on a Computer
For more information on using the supplied software, start the application
and select the appropriate option from the Help menu.
QIf a memory card containing a large number of images is inserted, there may be a
delay before the software starts and you may be unable to import or save images.
Use a memory card reader to transfer pictures.
QMake sure that the computer does not display a message stating that copying is in
progress before turning the camera o or disconnecting the USB cable. Failure to
observe this precaution could result in loss of data or damage to internal memory
or the memory card.
QDisconnect the camera before inserting or removing memory cards.
QIn some cases, it may not be possible to access pictures saved to a network server
using the supplied software in the same way as on a standalone computer.
QThe user bears all applicable fees charged by the phone company or Internet ser-
vice provider when using services that require an Internet connection.
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