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k k PhotoBook Assist PhotoBook Assist
Create books from your favorite photos.
Creating a PhotoBook Creating a PhotoBook
Select NEW BOOK for k PHOTOBOOK ASSIST in the playback menu
(P 72) and choose from the following options:
SELECT FROM ALL: Choose from all available pictures.
SELECT BY IMAGE SEARCH: Choose from pictures matching selected search
conditions (P 47).
RNeither photographs a or smaller nor movies can be selected for photobooks.
Scroll through the images and press the selector up to select or deselect.
To display the current image on the cover, press the selector down. Press
MENU/OK to exit when the book is complete.
RThe  rst picture selected becomes the cover image. Press the selector down to
select a di erent image for the cover.
Select COMPLETE PHOTOBOOK (to select all photos or all photos match-
ing the speci ed search conditions for the book, choose SELECT ALL).
The new book will be added to the list in the photobook assist menu.
QBooks can contain up to 300 pictures.
QBooks that contain no photos are automatically deleted.
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