10 First Steps
Inserting the Battery and a Memory Card
4 Close and latch the battery-chamber cover.
Holding the battery-chamber cover closed
against the camera body (q), rotate the
latch until it clicks into place (w), indicating
that the cover is secure.
QBefore closing the cover, con rm that there is
no dust, sand, or other foreign matter on the
water-resistant seal or adjacent surfaces.
QWhen closing the battery-chamber cover, do not subject it to excessive hori-
zontal forces. Failure to observe this precaution could cause the water-resistant
seal to become misaligned, allowing water into the camera.
QCheck that the cover is secure by rotating the latch in the opposite direction
and con rming that the cover does not open.
Con rming That the Cover Is Latched Con rming That the Cover Is Latched
Make sure that the strap is not caught in the cover and that the
latch is closed.
The latch is closed.
The latch is open.
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