Product Features and Precautions for Use
Storage and MaintenanceStorage and Maintenance
QDo not store at temperatures below 0°C (32°F) or above 40°C (104°F).
QTo ensure continued water resistance, it is recommended that you have the water-resistant
seal replaced about once a year (a fee is charged for this service). Contact your retailer or a
FUJIFILM-authorized repair technician for more information.
Condensation Inside the LensCondensation Inside the Lens
In some environments, condensation (fog) may form inside of lens. This
does not indicate a malfunction. Condensation can be removed by leav-
ing the battery-chamber cover open in a location with a steady tempera-
ture that is free of heat, humidity, sand, and dust.
Condensation Condensation
Condensation is particularly likely to occur if the camera is placed in cold water after being
exposed to high temperatures or taken from a cold to a warm environment or if the battery
chamber is opened in a humid location.
Cold ClimatesCold Climates
QBattery performance drops at low temperatures, reducing the number of pictures that can be
taken. Insulate the camera to keep it warm or place it in your clothing.
QUse an NP-45A battery.
QDisplay response may slow at low temperatures. This is not a malfunction.
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