Product Features and Precautions for Use
After UseAfter Use
Perform the following steps after using the camera underwater or in locations where foreign
matter might adhere to the camera body.
1 Securely close the battery-chamber cover and rinse the camera un-
der the tap or leave it in a basin of fresh water for about ten minutes.
2 Remove water from the camera with a soft, dry cloth and leave it to dry in a well-ventilated
location in the shade.
3 After con rming that the camera has dried and is free of water droplets, open the battery-
chamber cover and use a soft, dry cloth to remove any water, dust, or other foreign matter
from the battery chamber.
QRemove any foreign matter from the water-resistant seal and adjacent surfaces. Foreign mat-
ter could damage the seal, lowering water resistance.
QLiquid soaps, detergents, alcohol, and other cleansers may a ect water resistance and should
never be used.
QAfter use, remove water droplets and foreign matter with a dry cloth,  rmly latch the battery-
chamber cover, and soak the camera in fresh water for about ten minutes. Dry the camera
thoroughly after removing it from the water.
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