86 Menus
The Setup Menu
E E LCD MODE LCD MODE ((default: default: UU ON) ON)
Choose whether the display automatically dims to save power in shooting mode. This option
does not take e ect during playback.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
The display dims to save power if no operations are performed for a few
seconds. Normal brightness can be restored by pressing the shutter button
U U POWER SAVE OFFPOWER SAVE OFF Automatic dimming o .
M M AUTO POWER OFF AUTO POWER OFF ((default: default: 2 MIN)2 MIN)
Choose the length of time before the camera turns o automatically when no operations are
performed. Shorter times increase battery life; if OFF is selected, the camera must be turned
o manually. Note that in some situations the camera turns o automatically even when OFF
is selected.
L L DUAL IS MODE DUAL IS MODE ((default: default: ll))
Choose whether image stabilization is performed at all times when the camera is in shooting
mode (l CONTINUOUS), or only when the shutter button is pressed halfway (m SHOOTING
ONLY). Choose OFF to turn image stabilization o when using a tripod.
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