Viewing Pictures on a Computer
Disconnecting the Camera Disconnecting the Camera
After con rming that the indicator lamp is out, follow the on-screen instructions to
turn the camera o and disconnect the USB cable.
Uninstalling the Supplied Software Uninstalling the Supplied Software
Only uninstall the supplied software when it is no longer required or before begin-
ning reinstallation. After quitting the software and disconnecting the camera, drag
the “FinePixViewer” folder from “Applications” into the Trash and select Empty Trash
in the Finder menu (Macintosh), or open the control panel and use “Programs and
Features” (Windows7/Windows Vista) or “Add or Remove Programs” (WindowsXP) to
uninstall MyFinePix Studio. Under Windows, one or more con rmation dialogs may
be displayed; read the contents carefully before clicking OK.
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