Viewing Pictures on a Computer
Macintosh: Installing FinePixViewerMacintosh: Installing FinePixViewer
Con rm that the computer meets the following system requirements:
CPUCPU PowerPC or Intel
OSOS Pre-installed copies of Mac OS X version 10.3.9–10.6 (visit http://www.fujifilm.
com/support/digital_cameras/compatibility/ for more information)
RAMRAM 256 MB or more
Free disk spaceFree disk space A minimum of 200 MB required for installation with 400 MB available when
FinePixViewer is running
VideoVideo 800 × 600 pixels or more with thousands of colors or better
OtherOther Built-in USB port recommended. Operation is not guaranteed with other USB
After starting the computer and quitting any applications that may be run-
ning, insert the installer CD in a CD-ROM drive and double-click Installer
for Mac OS X.
An installer dialog will be displayed; click Installing FinePixViewer to start
installation. Enter an administrator name and password when prompted
and click OK, then follow the on-screen instructions to install FinePixViewer.
Click Exit to quit the installer when installation is complete.
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