Printing Pictures via USB
Printing the DPOF Print Order Printing the DPOF Print Order
The K PRINT ORDER (DPOF) option in the playback menu can be used to
create a digital “print order” for PictBridge-compatible printers (P 84) or de-
vices that support DPOF.
DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) is a standard that allows pictures to be
printed from “print orders” stored in internal memory or on a memory card.
The information in the order includes the pictures to be printed and the
number of copies of each picture.
Select playback mode and press MENU/OK to display the playback menu.
Highlight K PRINT ORDER (DPOF) and press MENU/OK.
Highlight one of the following options and press MENU/OK:
WITH DATE s: Print the date of recording on pictures.
WITHOUT DATE: Do not print the date of recording on pictures.
RSome printers do not support date printing. See the printer manual for details.
Press the selector left or right to display a picture you wish to add to or
remove from the print order.
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