Printing Pictures via USB Printing Pictures via USB
If the printer supports PictBridge, the camera can be connected
directly to the printer as shown below and pictures can be printed
without ๎€‚ rst being copied to a computer. Note that depending on
the printer, not all the functions described below may be supported.
Connect the supplied USB cable as shown and turn the printer on.
QBe sure the battery-chamber cover is open before attempting to open or close
the connector cover.
Connector cover Battery-chamber cover
Press the a button for about a second to turn the camera on.
Press the selector left or right to display a picture you wish to print.
Press the selector up or down to choose the number of copies (up to 99).
Repeat steps 3โ€“4 to select additional pictures. Press MENU/OK to display a
con๎€‚ rmation dialog when settings are complete.
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