Basic Photography and Playback Basic Photography and Playback
Taking Pictures in Taking Pictures in QQ (Scene Recognition) Mode (Scene Recognition) Mode
This section describes how to take pictures in QQ (scene recognitionscene recognition) mode.
The camera automatically analyzes the composition and adjusts settings ap-
Turn the camera on.
Press the ON/OFF button to turn the camera on.
Q shooting indicators will be displayed.
The The gg Icon Icon
This icon indicates that the camera continuously searches for faces to select the
appropriate scene, increasing the drain on the battery.
The Scene Icon The Scene Icon
The camera selects the scene according to shooting conditions and the type of
subject: b PORTRAIT (portraits), c LANDSCAPE (landscapes), d NIGHT (poorly-lit land-
scapes), e MACRO (close ups), f NIGHT PORTRAIT (poorly-lit portraits), g BACKLIT PORTRAIT
(backlit portraits), a AUTO (all other scenes)
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