The Setup Menu
Setup Menu OptionsSetup Menu Options
Set the camera clock (P 18).
NN TIME DIFFERENCE TIME DIFFERENCE ((defaults to defaults to hh))
Switch the camera clock instantly from your home time zone to the local time at your destination when traveling. To specify the
di๎€„ erence between local time and your home time zone:
1 Highlight g LOCAL and press the selector right.
2 Use the selector to choose the time di๎€„ erence between local time and your home time zone. Press MENU/OK when settings
are complete.
To set the camera clock to local time, highlight g LOCAL and press MENU/OK. To set the clock to the time in your home time
zone, select h HOME. If g LOCAL is selected, g will be displayed for three seconds when the camera is turned on.
L L aa
Choose a language (P 18).
Reset all settings except F DATE/TIME, N TIME DIFFERENCE, and O BACKGROUND COLOR to default values. Press the
selector right to display a con๎€‚ rmation dialog, then highlight OK and press MENU/OK.
o o SILENT MODE SILENT MODE ((defaults to defaults to OFF)OFF)
Select ON to disable the speaker, ๎€ƒ ash, and illuminator in situations in which camera sounds or lights may be unwelcome (P 30).
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