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F F Recording High-De nition (HD) Movies Recording High-De nition (HD) Movies
Record short high-de nition movies. Sound is recorded in stereo via the built-in microphone; during
recording, do not cover the microphone or use the view nder selector, which is located next to the
Press the DRIVE button to display
drive options. Press the selector up
or down to highlight F (MOVIE)
and press MENU/OK.
QIf the optical view nder is on, the camera will au-
tomatically switch to the electronic view nder.
Press the shutter button all the way
down to start recording.
Press the shutter button all the way
down again to end recording. Re-
cording ends automatically after ten
minutes or when memory is full.
RFocus, exposure, and white balance are adjusted
automatically throughout recording. The color and
brightness of the image may vary from those dis-
played before recording begins.
RThe indicator lamp lights while movies are being
Q The microphone may pick up lens noise and other
sounds made by the camera during recording.
QVertical or horizontal streaks may appear in movies
containing very bright subjects. This is normal and
does not indicate a malfunction.
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