For Your Safety
Use only batteries or AC power adapters speci ed for
use with this camera. Do not use voltages other than
the power supply voltage shown. The use of other
power sources can cause a fi re.
If the battery leaks and  uid gets in contact with your
eyes, skin or clothing,  ush the a ected area with clean
water and seek medical attention or call an emergency
number right away.
Do not use the charger to charge batteries other than those
speci ed here. The supplied charger is for use only
with batteries of the type supplied with the camera.
Using the charger to charge conventional batteries
or other types of rechargeable batteries can cause
the battery to leak, overheat or burst.
Do not use in the presence of  ammable objects, ex-
plosive gases, or dust.
When carrying the battery, install it in a digital cam-
era or keep it in the hard case. When storing the bat-
tery, keep it in the hard case. When discarding, cover
the battery terminals with insulation tape. Contact
with other metallic objects or batteries could
cause the battery to ignite or burst.
Keep memory cards out of the reach of small children.
Because memory cards are small, they can be
swallowed by children. Be sure to store memory
cards out of the reach of small children. If a child
swallows a memory card, seek medical attention
or call an emergency number.
Do not use this camera in locations a ected by oil
fumes, steam, humidity or dust. This can cause a fi re
or electric shock.
Do not leave this camera in places subject to extremely
high temperatures. Do not leave the camera in loca-
tions such as a sealed vehicle or in direct sunlight.
This can cause a fi re.
Keep out of the reach of small children. This product
could cause injury in the hands of a child.
Do not place heavy objects on the camera. This can
cause the heavy object to tip over or fall and
cause injury.
Do not move the camera while the AC power adapter
is still connected. Do not pull on the connection cord
to disconnect the AC power adapter. This can dam-
age the power cord or cables and cause a fi re or
electric shock.
Do not cover or wrap the camera or the AC power
adapter in a cloth or blanket. This can cause heat
to build up and distort the casing or cause a fi re.
When you are cleaning the camera or you do not plan
to use the camera for an extended period, remove
the battery and disconnect and unplug the AC power
adapter. Failure to do so can cause a fi re or elec-
tric shock.
When charging ends, unplug the charger from the
power socket. Leaving the charger plugged into
the power socket can cause a fi re.
Using a  ash too close to a person’s eyes may tempo-
rarily a ect the eyesight. Take particular care when
photographing infants and young children.
When a memory card is removed, the card could come
out of the slot too quickly. Use your  nger to hold it and
gently release the card. Injury could result to those
struck by the ejected card.
Request regular internal testing and cleaning for your
camera. Build-up of dust in your camera can cause
a fi re or electric shock. Contact your FUJIFILM
dealer to request internal cleaning every two
years. Please note that this service is not free of
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
The Battery and Power Supply
Note: Check the type of battery used in your camera and
read the appropriate sections.
The following describes the proper use of batteries and how
to prolong their life. Incorrect use can shorten battery life or
cause leakage, overheating, fi re, or explosion.
Li-ion BatteriesLi-ion Batteries
Read this section if your camera uses a rechargeable
Li-ion battery.
The battery is not charged at shipment. Charge the battery
before use. Keep the battery in its case when not in use.
Notes on the Battery
The battery gradually loses its charge when not in use.
Charge the battery one or two days before use.
Battery life can be extended by turning the camera off when
not in use.
Battery capacity decreases at low temperatures; a depleted
battery may not function at when cold. Keep a fully charged
spare battery in a warm place and exchange as necessary,
or keep the battery in your pocket or other warm place and
insert it in the camera only when shooting. Do not place
the battery in direct contact with hand warmers or other
heating devices.
Charging the Battery
Charge the battery in the supplied battery charger. Charging
times will increase at ambient temperatures below +10 °C
(+50 °F) or above +35 °C (+95 °F). Do not attempt to charge
the battery at temperatures above 40 °C (+104 °F); at tem-
peratures below 0 °C (+32 °F), the battery will not charge.
Do not attempt to recharge a fully charged battery. The bat-
tery does not however need to be fully discharged before
The battery may be warm to the touch immediately after
charging or use. This is normal.
Battery Life
At normal temperatures, the battery can be recharged about
300 times. A noticeable decrease in the length of time the
battery will hold a charge indicates that it has reached the
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