First Steps
Turning the Camera on and Of Turning the Camera on and Of
Rotate the ON/OFF switch to ON to turn the camera on. Select OFF to turn
the camera o .
RPress the a button to start playback. Press the shutter button halfway to
return to shooting mode.
RThe camera will turn o automatically if no operations are performed for the
length of time selected for M AUTO POWER OFF (P 82). To reactivate the camera after it has turned o auto-
matically, press the shutter button halfway or turn the ON/OFF switch to OFF and then back to ON.
RFor information on other power saving and startup options, see page 23.
QFingerprints and other marks on the lens or view nder can a ect pictures or the view through the view nder.
Keep the lens and view nder clean.
Battery Level Battery Level
After turning the camera on, check the battery level in the display.
IndicatorIndicator DescriptionDescription
D (white) Battery partially discharged.
C (white) Battery more than half discharged
B (red) Low battery. Charge as soon as possible.
A (blinks red) Battery exhausted. Turn camera o and recharge battery.
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