First Steps
Inserting the Battery and a Memory Card Inserting the Battery and a Memory Card
The camera has no internal memory; instead, pictures are stored on optional SD, SDHC, and SDXC
memory cards (sold separately). After charging the battery, insert the battery and memory card as
described below.
1 Open the battery-chamber cover.
Slide the battery-chamber latch as shown and
open the battery-chamber cover.
QDo not open the battery-chamber cover when
the camera is on. Failure to observe this precau-
tion could damage image  les or memory cards.
QDo not use excessive force when handling the
battery-chamber cover.
2 Insert the battery.
Insert the battery as shown inside the battery
chamber, using the battery to keep the bat-
tery latch pressed to one side.
Battery latch
QInsert the battery in the correct orientation. Do
not use force or attempt to insert the battery up-
side down or backwards. The battery will slide in
easily in the correct orientation.
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