Parts of the Camera
The Selector The Selector
Press the selector up (q), right
(w), down (e), or left (r) to
highlight items and press MENU/
OK (t) to select. Pressing the
selector up (MACRO) during
shooting displays macro op-
tions (P 31).
Control Lock Control Lock
To avoid accidentally displaying macro options dur-
ing shooting, press MENU/OK until X is displayed. The
control can be unlocked by pressing MENU/OK until X
is no longer displayed.
The Command Dial The Command Dial
The command dial can be used to navi-
gate the menus, to view the most re-
cent picture (P 56), and to select op-
tions in the quick menu display (P 5).
Press the center of the command dial
to zoom in on the focus area selected
for manual focus (P 46) or the active fo-
cus point during playback (P 57).
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