For Your Safety
IMPORTANT: Read the following notices before using the camera’s
built-in wireless transmitter.
QThis product, which contains encryption function developed
in the United States, is controlled by the United States Export
Administration Regulations and may not be exported or re-
exported to any country to which the United States embargoes
Use only as part of a wireless network. FUJIFILM does not accept
liability for damages resulting from unauthorized use. Do not use
in applications requiring a high degree of reliability, for example
in medical devices or other systems that may directly or indirectly
impact human life. When using the device in computer and other
systems that demand a greater degree of reliability than wireless
networks, be sure to take all necessary precautions to ensure safety
and prevent malfunction.
Use only in the country in which the device was purchased. This device
conforms to regulations governing wireless network devices in the
country in which it was purchased. Observe all location regulations
when using the device. FUJIFILM does not accept liability for
problems arising from use in other jurisdictions.
Wireless data (images) may be intercepted by third parties. The security
of data transmitted over wireless networks is not guaranteed.
Do not use the device in locations subject to magnetic fields, static
electricity, or radio interference. Do not use the transmitter in
the vicinity of microwave ovens or in other locations subject to
magnetic fields, static electricity, or radio interference that may
prevent reception of wireless signals. Mutual interference may
occur when the transmitter is used in the vicinity of other wireless
devices operating in the 2.4GHz band.
The wireless transmitter operates in the 2.4GHz band using DSSS and
OFDM modulation.
Wireless Network Devices: Cautions
This device operates on the same frequency as commercial, educational,
and medical devices and wireless transmitters. It also operates on the
same frequency as licensed transmitters and special unlicensed low-
voltage transmitters used in RFID tracking systems for assembly lines
and in other similar applications.
To prevent interference with the above devices, observe the following
precautions. Confirm that the RFID transmitter is not in operation
before using this device. Should you observe that the device
causes interference in licensed transmitters used for RFID tracking,
immediately choose a new operating frequency for this device to
prevent additional interference. If you notice that this device causes
interference in low-voltage RFID tracing systems, contact a FUJIFILM
2.4DS/OF4 This sticker indicates that this device
operates in the 2.4GHz band using DSSS
and OFDM modulation and may cause
interference at distances of up to 40m.
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